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Garlic Powder

Nilkanth Agri Impex is manufacturer exporter of Garlic Powder, We are specialized in manufacturing quality product in the range of Dehydrated Garlic Powder. We offer our products in the form of Granules, chopped & Powder. The detailed description for the products can be as under. Dehydrated Garlic make From the Raw assorted Garlic to Our Processing Unit and Process on Those with Most Advanced Machines for making accurate Dehydrate. Our Products are passes through the Various Quality test and Sorting Machine and Reach the Accurate and Best Quality to our Customers. Dehydrated Products are uses a wide range of Indian and international dishes Like; Adding as Ingredients, Ready to Eat Foods, For Adding Garlic Flavors, Pickles, and Preparing of Dishes with Delicious taste of Garlic.


A - Grade, Commercial grade

Chemical Properties

Moisture Content - 5% max
Hot water insoluble - 15.90% max
Ash content - 4% max
Acid insoluble ash - 0.5% max
Major defects - 1% max
Grade - A
Foreign matter - Nil
T.P.C Garlic powder - 91000.max/G
Coliforms - 5 cful/GM
E-coil - Nil
Molds & Yeasts - 410 cfu/Gm
Staph.aureus - Nil
B.cereus - <100/G
Salmonella - Nil/25G
Color life time - Cremy hite and 2 years self life./Typical of fresh Garlic. Product specification norms as per Indian Government and should be international standard.